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XTROWEL Dual Trapezio

XTROWEL DUAL represents a further development of new products, designed according to the real needs of users.

The need to avoid black streaks on applied materials, especially in light or white colors, at the time of polishing, led to the research for a new type of steel that Marmorino Tools brand has obtained in exclusive use.

The particular formula of this steel subjects the materials to a very low friction thus avoiding "burns" or streaks and the blade is minimally damaged by the particles of the decorative materials, resisting even the roughest stuff.

The special shape of the trapezoidal blade makes it possible to reach even the most difficult surfaces.

Particular attention is also paid to details like the poplar wood laser engraved patterned handle which improves the grip and the dark gray color finish of the fork, which distinguishes the tool throughout the range.

Additional colors
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Product Code : 26095

Size (mm) : 240 x 100 x 0,6

Product Code : 26096

Size (mm) 280 x 120 x 0,6

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