Vasari Creative Series - Lustro & Limewash

Vasari Natural Wall Plaster also known as Venetian plaster is composed of finely crushed marble, aged lime and natural pigments to give you a wall finish that is closest to nature.

One of the most beautiful, luxurious and affordable wall finishes available, Venetian Plaster, according to Architectural Digest is putty made from fired limestone combined with water which is mixed together to make lime plaster. And when that lime plaster is applied to walls and exposed to the carbon dioxide in the air, the mixture turns back into limestone.

Driven by his love of art, architecture, history, design and good living, Alex Conrad founded Vasari in 2003. Vasari products – available in different texture, sheen or colour – are crafted for interior and semi-exterior use with unmatched beauty, versatility and ease of use.

Among its latest inventions are the Limewash and Lustro Creative Series. The former combines modern day imagination and historic techniques, to create masterpieces with an overlapping, rejuvenating effect, which lends depth and liveliness to flat walls. With a beautiful, weathered patina featuring random movement and natural colour variation, Vasari Limewash softens and streaks with age, further creating subtle nuances over time.

The Lustro Creative Series on the other hand glazes your walls with a layer of precious metallic lustre, which allows your space to sparkle and reflect with an unique, iridescent two-tone finish. Applied on top of any Veneziano base colour, Vasari Lustro that comes in gold, silver and bronze brings class and shimmer to your walls.

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